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Corporate Social

At Aguettant, we are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy reflects our dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We strive to integrate ethical, social, and environmental considerations into our business practices and decision-making processes.
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- We adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical behaviour in all aspects of business, internally and externally.

- We comply with all regulations and industry standards, we expect the same from our employees, partners, and third-party logistics providers.
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- We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability at every level we can impact. 

- We prioritise the use of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly practices in the UK and Ireland.
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- We value the health, safety, and well-being of our employees.

- We provide a safe work environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and any form of exploitation.

- We promote diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all employees, and we invest in their professional development and growth.
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- We actively engage with the communities where we operate, supporting local initiatives and charities.

- We encourage our employees by offering work time to volunteer and participate in community service activities, contributing to social welfare and development.
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- We are committed to supplying quality products that meet regulatory standards and customer expectations by basing innovations on guidelines and customer feedback.

- Rigorous testing and quality assurance processes are in place to ensure the safety, efficacy, and reliability of our products.

- We provide accurate and transparent information about our products, including their composition, usage, and potential risks.
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Supply Chain


- We hold our suppliers and business partners to the same ethical and social responsibility standards that we uphold.

- We strive to work with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, ethical business practices, and human rights.
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- We review and update our policies and practices to reflect evolving societal expectations, industry trends, and best practices.

- We encourage feedback from our employees and customers, and we welcome suggestions for improvement in our performance.
By adhering to this Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Aguettant Ltd aims to create long-term value for our employees and customers, while contributing to the well-being of society and the planet.
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