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    Pre-filled syringes


    Meets the recommendation of NPSA promoting safer use of injectable medicines (1)

    Designed to support ANTT 

    (1) NPSA (National Patient Safety Alert)/2007/20


    At Aguettant, we are committed to working with our customers to support the highest standards of quality and safety in patient care.

    To ensure the correct use of its pre-filled syringes, Aguettant provides, upon request, on-site demonstration by our Key Account Manager as well as hands-on training with inactive dummy samples.

    To supplement our existing training offer, and to help you take full advantage of your Aguettant pre-filled syringe, we also offer:

    •    Instruction For Use Posters
    •    Training Videos
    •    Service Level Agreement 
    •    Conversion Management Plan 
    •    Conversion Posters 
    •    Product Information Leaflets 
    •    Product Information Packs 

    For copies of training material*, further information, or to arrange on-site training for your team, please contact us.

    * Training materials should only be used in conjunction with the full instructions for use in the pack leaflet and Summary of Product Characteristics.