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    At Aguettant, innovation drives improvements in safety of medical practices, with a focus on the prevention of medication errors in particular.


    Laboratoire Aguettant is fully aware of the complexity of providing care for patients, due to the diversity of pathologies and their degree of urgency. This is one of the reasons  why we strive to develop innovative, ready-to-administer solutions that are designed to help prevent medication errors.

    The innovation process puts healthcare professionals and their patients at the heart of our approach. Our products are regularly discussed during round tables with experts from the different therapeutic fields covered by Aguettant.

    The goal is to develop innovative products that minimise risks for patients and healthcare professionals.

    Our goal: To work with healthcare professionals and international experts on improving the safety of medical practices.


    R&D is the core driver of Laboratoire Aguettants innovation strategy, a key element in the competitiveness of the company.

    Throughout its entire history, Aguettant has combined pharmaceutical and technological knowledge to focus on the improvement of patient care and making procedures easier and safer for medical staff.

    The R&D teams work on perfecting new formulations, particularly in the field of injectable medicines, aiming to deliver more effective patient care both in the hospital and at home. 

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    Technological innovation and optimised processes lead to high-performance production sites. The in-house production cycle operates at the highest standard to maintain consistent production of quality products.

    Our comprehensive quality management system is designed to assure the quality of our products.

    The manufacturing sites produce each year 100 MILLION MEDICINE UNITS delivered in more than 70 countries.

    Laboratoire AGUETTANT has broad expertise regarding injectable medicines. Our pharmaceutical forms are:
    •    Syringe
    •    Pen
    •    Vial
    •    Glass ampoule
    •    Plastic ampoule
    •    Irrigation fluids in bags & bottles

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